What is Meditation for?

The main purpose of meditation is to silence the mind. That said sounds easy but actually requires insistence. In the first few times, you may be able to silence the mind for 30 seconds or even 1 minute, but our chattering mind likes to break the silence.
I know a lot of people talk about meditating and immediately imagine monks in Tibet (These are in Thailand)

dressed in orange or, perhaps, those positions almost impossible to do in Yoga






But not!

You do not need any of this!

Of course, if you like lighting candles

to create ambiance or lighting incense   you can do so.
As for the position in which you can meditate, it can be comfortably sitting with your back straight and with a back rest for the neck or head, or lying on your back with your head on a cushion (this is my favorite).
Remember that the heart of meditation is relaxation and refusal to be engulfed by the anxieties of everyday life.

Forgetting the worries for a few minutes is enough to face them without anxiety and not to make them bigger than they really are.


Find a place without distractions and choose a time of day when you know you will not be interrupted. I thought this was a difficult task, even because my cell phone would start ringing at 8am and sometimes not even during lunch time, it would stop and at 10pm I would still receive calls. But, I gained courage and turned it off for 15 minutes to half an hour for my ZEN moment. When I turn the phone back on, I will return the calls. I also started doing time restriction on the phone and now it’s only ringing during normal work hours.

Also turn off the TV and Radio.

If you want to meditate sitting on the floor, you can use your own pillow called “zafu”.
Here are some models:




If you do not have a “zafu”, or dont want to buy one, try a large old cushion you have at home.
If you choose the lying position, then you can do so even in your bed.

After removing all the distractions you remember – do not forget to go to the toilet, or make a snack before, not to give you hunger and then you can not concentrate. Set an alarm clock for 15 minutes or 30 minutes, or the time you wish to meditate. 

Sit or lie down and close your eyes.

The important thing in your position is that you have a straight spine, that you feel comfortable and that you know that you will not have to change your position in 5 minutes. The legs may be stretched or crossed. The arms should be relaxed at the side of the body.

Begin to focus on yourself, your breathing, your diaphragm increasing with inspiration and diminishing with exhalation. Take the inspiration to count up to 4, hold a little and expire counting up to 4 again. Do this several times until you feel relaxed.

Observe your breathing, do not analyze it. The idea is, as you observe your own breathing, you are experiencing the present and looking at yourself .

If you find yourself rambling on other thoughts, turn them back to your breath.
When you begin to do meditation, this is the hard part, the first few times, because our thoughts are so many that we do not even realize the thousands of thoughts that we have by day, hour or even for minute.
With me it works counting …
After relaxing with the sense in the breath, I start counting from 300 to 1. No matter if you miss the count, start again where you remember it was. It also does not matter if you really count up to 1. You may have stopped on the way. You did not notice. Great! Your brain is in rest, even if it’s only for a few minutes.
If you practice daily, this rest time to the brain, will increase every day a little and when you can keep it for more than 5 minutes without any thought (worry), you will see that your day will run much more calmly and even those worries that went on in your head and grow from day to day, begin to have a much smaller weight and their resolutions begin to arise.

There are some CD’s to help meditate, this is called Guided Meditation, where we put on the headphones and a voice tells us what to do. I like it very much, because I do not distract myself with my thoughts or anything that might interrupt, since I do not hear anything that goes on outside the headphones … eheh!!!

Here are some proposals:

Meditation does not work like a magic spell; It is an ongoing process.
Continue to practice every day and you will gradually realize a state of calm and peace developing inwardly.

Meditating before bed helps the brain start to shut down and makes you feel more relaxed.
Meditating in the morning when you wake up helps the day go smoothly.

And if  in the middle of the day you’ll start feeling very stuck, close your eyes and remember that feeling of peace when you have finished the last meditation.

If you buy a CD to help you meditate, please do not listen to it while driving or operating a machine.

If you still have questions, please subscribe and contact us.

Be at peace and relax…

Maria Gil