Prosperity and Abundance in 21 days

Are you ready to allow more abundance and prosperity into your life?

If you are ready to let abundance and prosperity into your life and are willing to do what it takes to achieve it, then I am here to guide you on the road to prosperity and abundance. I will guide you through the most interesting and functional methods that can suit you. You are a unique being. What worked with me or your friend or someone else does not mean that it has to work the same way with you. My goal is to get you, in no more than 21 days, to have the first signs of abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life. Let’s start?

First of all let’s start by noticing where we are exactly, how is our life in financial terms, family, professional, personal or wherever you want us to get start. Let’s begin with one area at a time, and as we understand the principle of how this process works, other areas will automatically follow evolution as well.

This is called taking responsibility for the state in which we are, however difficult it may be for us as individuals. In fact, it is always our responsibility for what goes on in our lives.

I did this whole process for myself. I bought lots of books (some were great, some were for nothing), I attended courses, lectures and an endless number of procedures, until I discovered the connection of things and so I know I can facilitate you the process.

However, remember that the final choice is always yours. It is your responsibility to modify your life to the best it has, and beeing happy, not only in the end but throughout the process.

It was to be happy that we came to this existence. Whatever does not lead us on this path, we have to take away its power.

If you want to start the process through a large house – HAY HOUSE – you can follow the link

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4 Replies to “Prosperity and Abundance in 21 days”

  1. This is great . I am in for trying this for 21 days. I have some very serious life goals that have been a road block for me for too long and I am trying to overcome them.

    You are correct. Being honest and taking on the hard things are important. I do not like when people gloss over your hard spots as if they do not matter.

    I like to take things on head on. Then you have mastered your hard places or at least found a way to subdue them when needed so that they do not get in the way of progress.

    What do you think about that?

    1. Hi..

      You can be sure that the first step in achieving our goals is to take responsibility for what we have at the present moment because we are the creators of our experiences. So let’s create the experiences that we want against our goal.

      For this, this is the first step … to accept our responsibility.

      The next steps will follow.

      Follow them and enjoy the trip because at the end of that trip any objective is attainable.

      Maria Gil

  2. This is a really informative post. I wanted to take control of my life since as of now it feels like it is a complete and total mess. I have a really messed up routine and it really makes me feel like I’m doing nothing with life.

    I guess having a plan would really help me feel better about myself and have a finite schedule.

    1. Hi,

      Essentially you need to have an objective, even if it seems unattainable … If you know where you are going, you do not have to make big plans, but concentrate on the final objective or the various small objectives, if you want to reach for more small goals … The plans are being adjusted by the way. The most important thing is to be happy along the way and never to blur the great goal. Thanks for the comment. Maria Gil

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