Get Started

Where do I start ???

Begin by dividing your larger goal into smaller goals.

Imagine you want to have a million dollars. If you think of $ 1,000,000.00 … your subconscious automatically, and without you noticing, you will admit many zeros. You’ll be scared!

Start by visualizing an amount that will make you comfortable. Let’s imagine 10 dollars.

So, when you have them, keep in a box – in the million box.

You got a share of the objective, and now that you’re comfortable getting 10 dollars, we’ll add a zero. Let’s have the $ 100 target. Does that make you comfortable? If not, lower the value.

Okay … You got 100 dollars! Fantastic! Let’s do a couple of times a hundred dollars until it’s natural. Until your subconscious has the idea that it’s natural for you to earn $ 100.

So let’s say you did the exercise 10 times …

Have you noticed that you have $ 1,010 in the million box?

Let’s continue … Always with a value that does not give you a chest tightness … that’s your beliefs rooted in telling you that it’s not possible and, we do not want that feeling. We just want that comfortable feeling … It’s easy to get $ 10 …

Keep this feeling but go increasing the bar!

This is lesson 1 – A great goal divided into small comfortable goals.