Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

We do not even realize the amount of thoughts we have for 1 minute, let alone during the hours we are awake.
The reason most people start the process of the Law of Attraction and give up is because in this whirlwind of thoughts are passing the doubts and we, without realizing it, we give importance to them … just go on the street and see a child Poor, an accident, someone with a disability, or we simply go to our mailbox and see an account to pay.
That’s where our internal locks reside.
This does not mean that we have to become insensitive … no, no, no … none of that! We have to focus more on our goals, regardless of what is going on around us, the goal has always to return to the first place in our inner conversation. For example, if we come across a child asking, automatically, our brains begin to talk … where are the parents of this child? But is there no one to take care of this child? And the Government? Blah … blah … blah … And there were our precious 10 minutes of meditation on our goals. And you ask, “So am I going to turn away and pretend I did not see?” I’m not insensitive! Not at all! We just have to redirect our thoughts … OK It’s real what we’ve just seen but also who’s to blame now is not important either. But …. when I reach my goal, I can already see myself doing something to positively influence this child. Or another or several … And now, we are already seeing the positive side and we are already creating another “push” to achieve our goal! Right? And our emotions (very important for us to create the conditions to reach our goals) are already more positive. We got back on track.