Depending on our individual beliefs, there are several ways to approach and start this path, in order to make it as easy and simple as possible.
What good is a technique that everyone says is spectacular, if, in fact, my inner self, I do not fully believe in it?

I spent a lot of time studying the various forms and the various authors and drivers of this Law. Some techniques worked for me, some for that.

It all depends on what our heart, our mind or even our stomach gives us a sign that this is true and this can really work.

My first advice is, if you really want to attract this goal (whatever it is) to your life, do not do it because this author is very well-known, or because my cousin followed this practice or because this Maria here tells you that it worked with Her so

Do it because you have made that decision within yourself and because you feel that this will help you to get on the path of achieving your beloved goal.

The different techniques are:

  1. Affirmations
  3. Meditation
  4. NLP
  5. Control of thoughts
  6. Paradigms
  7. Follow the river current
  8. Gregory Grabavoy and his numbers
  9. Write goals and make a vision board
  10. Psychology
  11. Religion
  12. Etc … etc … etc …

All of this techniques are correct and all of this techniques together or separately do not lead you to achieve your goals … unless you really want to … Without any doubt!