You can control your emotions …
I’ll show you how and why you should control your emotions.

By realizing what your emotions are, you can also see where they come from and what kind of emotions they are.

There are no good or bad emotions, as we usually think or categorize what we feel. There are emotions that can be more or less pleasant. Each one has a specific function and all are required.

FEAR: it is an emotion called a “contraction reaction”. Is a reflexive emotion and its function is to warn us about the presence of a danger, either to do or to cause us harm
Fear allows us to assess what capacity we have to deal with situations that we perceive as threats. If we learn to first know and manage fear later, we experience prudence and we will avoid panic or phobia.

SADNESS: it is also called contraction and is the most reflexive of all.
Sadness always evokes something that happened in the past, a memory, and its function is to help us to be aware of something, situation or person that we miss or miss. Sadness also serves to let go and let go of what does not belong to us or makes us ill, and causes others to accompany us, preventing us from becoming very vulnerable or dependent.

RAGE: it is the 2nd emotion of more expansive character. It is an impulse, a way to get something or someone “up”, to send out what annoys us, what we believe to be unfair or what is doing us wrong. It involves an overload of energy, it can help us fulfill the fulfillment of what we want, or else it assures us of the sense of threat.
We should not take it to the extreme, since instead of using the positive part of this emotion, which leads us to cleanse what is negative, we run the risk that it in itself becomes so negative that we run the risk of doing harm to others Or ourselves.

JOY: Emotion of an expansive character, helps us to create bonds with the others.Joy can be manifested in various ways, the most frequent being tenderness, sensuality and eroticism. If we manage well the joy, we can reach the serenity and the fullness. If we do not know how to handle it well, it will lead us to sadness, euphoria or frustration.
Once we are aware of our emotions and learn to live with them, it will be simpler to realize that they are all important to our lives and that we can control them.


  1. Dear writer! Today you have asked the critical question of human being. To manage and control and allocate one’s emotions is the hardest task in the world. Specifically when one have anger in his head and got short tempered. This emothion has destroyed many homes and many countries itself. By the time is passing on , the stability of human mind is disturbing. I will blame the loneliness and materialistic approach of every person in the whole world. It causes problems. Thanks writer younhave raised a very good discussion .

  2. This is a good article. I think having a positive attitude will help us to control our emotions.

    Rage can destroy any individual but if one knows how to ignore the negatives and work towards the positive it could be beneficial to him.
    Thanks for the post.

  3. I used to think I controlled my emotions. And to a certain extent I do. I don’t like people knowing what I am feeling or thinking. Well, I don’t mind it if my wife or other close family members can get a ‘read’ on me. But in general when out and about I don’t like to let on to people what I am feeling or thinking.

    Anyway, interesting insight into those four emotions and coping/dealing with them.

    1. What we feel is always externalized, whether we are aware of it or not. Our eyes do not know how to lie…

      I’m trying to imagine you with poker-face !!! Hmmm … Just Kidding… My husband is like that too and I’m the only one that makes him laugh and even then he hides his face… eheh

      Thank you for your comment.
      Maria Gil

    1. Hi..
      We never take into account the basic things we do, have or are, without thinking. It’s like breathing … we do not even notice! Thanks for the comment. Maria Gil

  4. Thanks for sharing this article. I believe all the people are the same when dealing with daily emotions. My wife seeing beggars on the street, she would feel very sorry them by giving money. Indeed, she has a kindhearted but at the same time encouraging more beggars on the street.

    1. We all feel the same way and react to situations with the same kind of feelings because we are all humans.
      In fact, your wife has a good heart. Even if she stops helping, the beggars will not cease to exist but if she stops thinking about them, they will not be there for her to see, because what you think the most, is what you attract into your life.
      Thanks for the comment. Maria Gil

  5. Thank you for the post. I am reading all the emotions listed and it seems easier to get emotions that make you feel bad than good. Even the Joy if not managed well can lead to sadness and frustration. I would like to learn more about how to channel the positive emotions. I did like the article. I look forward to more to come. Thanks.

    1. Thank you.. In fact, what we have to do is to transform our feelings, so that we can reach joy, because that is the feeling that transforms everything and that brings us positivity into our lives. If you think about it, when something unpleasant happens to us, we go through all the basic feelings and after all the emotions processed, there is only the joy that we have overcome another problem or another obstacle. I hope you feel happy every day!!!
      Thanks for the comment.
      Maria Gil

  6. Loved your site and I am with you about this cancer , Lucky for me I don’t have cancer, I have experianced it through my father, he died of cancer back in 2002, and it made me think cause cancer runs in my family so I had myself checked and thank god I didn’t. but we all have that cancer cell within our bodys, it can lay dormat or sometime down the road it will become active, thank you for your article

    1. Thank you .. Cancer was something that I attract to my life, without being on purpose but, that did not kill me but it made me stronger! Later I will make a post about how we attract certain diseases to our life.
      My feelings about your father … Of course you should check at least once a year if there is any indication but do not think about it too much.
      In my family there were only three cases: a second degree cousin on my mother’s side, my aunt – my father’s sister and one of her daughters. In the four cases had one thing in common: We used to kept the feelings inside and we did not speak so as not to hurt others.
      This gives you something to think!!!
      Thank you for your comment.
      Maria Gil

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