About me

As my story reveals the power of the Law of Attraction …

Cancer was a subject that passed through my life through friends and family who were dying along the way and a subject that made me feel afraid. However, I never put him in the first person – me. I never thought I could have cancer anywhere.
In November 2012, I was taking a course in insurance when I came upon a spot of skin on my back with an irregular shape and it gave me some itching. By showing some people, they advised me to go to a dermatologist, by disregard of conscience … just to know what it was!
As soon as I finished the course on November 19, I scheduled a dermatology appointment for December 4. So far so good!
In that consultation the madness began … As soon as I showed the doctor the blessed spot, I saw her with a very distressed air and she tells me to urgently make an appointment with the surgeon to remove the skin stain. I confess that it scared me, but I also thought … it’s a dermatologist and everything that is different, she thinks it’s a bad thing !!! There are people like that! Eheh .. Consultation with plastic surgeon scheduled for December 7 at 12h30 …. OMG At 3am was in the operating room to be operated to remove the skin spot! The surgeon was also alarmed and said that the appearance was of a melanoma and had to be removed immediately and sent for analysis. So it was! The analysis takes about 15 days and then on December 23 I received the Christmas present in advance. It had grade IV melanoma, which meant that I was doomed, had 6 months to live. I was immediately referred to the Oncology Institute and on January 4 was already being operated on to remove sentinel lymph nodes (a normal process for finding metastases). The metastases were followed by the ganglia that pass in the armpit of the left arm and on March 10 the operation of total removal of the ganglia of that arm was done.
My relatives had been warned that after these processes I would have to undergo chemotherapy and whatever else needed but that would not help much other than not to spread the cancer cells more. Everyone thought I was going to die. Except me!
At a time when I was watching the doctors talk to my husband and shaking they re heads … I punched the table! And I told them,

Do not think that you will get rid of me that easily!
And also do not think that I will be without my long hair … because NO!

And here I am, after 4 years and never did a single chemotherapy treatment.

I’ve never seen myself as cancer patient. I never saw myself as “I’m going to die” I always saw myself with plans for the future. That was my learning for the Law of Attraction

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