5 reasons why you should build muscle

When was the last time you’ve ever seen someone with a lot of muscles.” Did you wonder why he or she tries to build those muscles”?

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Muscle is important to everyone on this life. It helps us to stay active and be healthy. we also need muscle to survive. While the heart is one of the strongest muscle in our body, it’s looking to be stronger.

However, everyone has a different point of view when it comes to talk about muscle.

This article will give you five good reasons to build your muscles.

1. Muscle increases metabolic rate

You boost your metabolism when you increase your muscle mass. It helps your body to burn more calories. That means muscles use more energy than fat.

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To make it easier, you have to start a new strength training program to lose the body fat.

2. Muscle reduces sport injuries

The result of some athletes that focuses more on strength training is tremendously beneficial. One of the benefits of strength training is its ability to reduce injuries. It also improves body alignment.

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Avoid getting an injury by continuing with your strength program because it could derail your entire season.

3. Muscle helps control blood sugar

Your liver and skeletal muscle store glucose as glycogen. If you don’t exercise, specially train with weight, you won’t be able to store carbs. Your blood sugar may rise because there is not enough place for carbs. Then you start storing fat.

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When you have muscle, you create more space for storing glucose.

Building your muscle will have a positive impact on your life. Studies show that exercise reduces risk of heart disease, vision loss and kidney disease.

4. Muscle helps control self- esteem

Research shows that exercise can increase your self- esteem. It puts your mind in a positive state. It also improves your confidence. You evaluate yourself when you exercise.

5. Muscle gives you appearance

When you start a strength training, immediately your body shapes differently. Your clothes start fitting you and you look attractive. That’s why most people go to strength training to build their muscle.

Research shows most women are attracted to men who have muscle.

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