You can control your emotions …
I’ll show you how and why you should control your emotions.

By realizing what your emotions are, you can also see where they come from and what kind of emotions they are.

There are no good or bad emotions, as we usually think or categorize what we feel. There are emotions that can be more or less pleasant. Each one has a specific function and all are required.

FEAR: it is an emotion called a “contraction reaction”. Is a reflexive emotion and its function is to warn us about the presence of a danger, either to do or to cause us harm
Fear allows us to assess what capacity we have to deal with situations that we perceive as threats. If we learn to first know and manage fear later, we experience prudence and we will avoid panic or phobia.

SADNESS: it is also called contraction and is the most reflexive of all.
Sadness always evokes something that happened in the past, a memory, and its function is to help us to be aware of something, situation or person that we miss or miss. Sadness also serves to let go and let go of what does not belong to us or makes us ill, and causes others to accompany us, preventing us from becoming very vulnerable or dependent.

RAGE: it is the 2nd emotion of more expansive character. It is an impulse, a way to get something or someone “up”, to send out what annoys us, what we believe to be unfair or what is doing us wrong. It involves an overload of energy, it can help us fulfill the fulfillment of what we want, or else it assures us of the sense of threat.
We should not take it to the extreme, since instead of using the positive part of this emotion, which leads us to cleanse what is negative, we run the risk that it in itself becomes so negative that we run the risk of doing harm to others Or ourselves.

JOY: Emotion of an expansive character, helps us to create bonds with the others.Joy can be manifested in various ways, the most frequent being tenderness, sensuality and eroticism. If we manage well the joy, we can reach the serenity and the fullness. If we do not know how to handle it well, it will lead us to sadness, euphoria or frustration.
Once we are aware of our emotions and learn to live with them, it will be simpler to realize that they are all important to our lives and that we can control them.

Prosperity and Abundance in 21 days

Are you ready to allow more abundance and prosperity into your life?

If you are ready to let abundance and prosperity into your life and are willing to do what it takes to achieve it, then I am here to guide you on the road to prosperity and abundance. I will guide you through the most interesting and functional methods that can suit you. You are a unique being. What worked with me or your friend or someone else does not mean that it has to work the same way with you. My goal is to get you, in no more than 21 days, to have the first signs of abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life. Let’s start?

First of all let’s start by noticing where we are exactly, how is our life in financial terms, family, professional, personal or wherever you want us to get start. Let’s begin with one area at a time, and as we understand the principle of how this process works, other areas will automatically follow evolution as well.

This is called taking responsibility for the state in which we are, however difficult it may be for us as individuals. In fact, it is always our responsibility for what goes on in our lives.

I did this whole process for myself. I bought lots of books (some were great, some were for nothing), I attended courses, lectures and an endless number of procedures, until I discovered the connection of things and so I know I can facilitate you the process.

However, remember that the final choice is always yours. It is your responsibility to modify your life to the best it has, and beeing happy, not only in the end but throughout the process.

It was to be happy that we came to this existence. Whatever does not lead us on this path, we have to take away its power.

If you want to start the process through a large house – HAY HOUSE – you can follow the link

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Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

We do not even realize the amount of thoughts we have for 1 minute, let alone during the hours we are awake.
The reason most people start the process of the Law of Attraction and give up is because in this whirlwind of thoughts are passing the doubts and we, without realizing it, we give importance to them … just go on the street and see a child Poor, an accident, someone with a disability, or we simply go to our mailbox and see an account to pay.
That’s where our internal locks reside.
This does not mean that we have to become insensitive … no, no, no … none of that! We have to focus more on our goals, regardless of what is going on around us, the goal has always to return to the first place in our inner conversation. For example, if we come across a child asking, automatically, our brains begin to talk … where are the parents of this child? But is there no one to take care of this child? And the Government? Blah … blah … blah … And there were our precious 10 minutes of meditation on our goals. And you ask, “So am I going to turn away and pretend I did not see?” I’m not insensitive! Not at all! We just have to redirect our thoughts … OK It’s real what we’ve just seen but also who’s to blame now is not important either. But …. when I reach my goal, I can already see myself doing something to positively influence this child. Or another or several … And now, we are already seeing the positive side and we are already creating another “push” to achieve our goal! Right? And our emotions (very important for us to create the conditions to reach our goals) are already more positive. We got back on track.